Icebergs Bar is proud to announce a unique celebration of the best bars in the world. The Icebergs Bar will host a series of collaborations with international, interstate and local bars, which in our eyes have changed the world of modern drinking and made a significant contribution to drinking culture as we know it. Over the passed 16 years Icebergs has pioneered a clear, simple and innovative approach to the bar philosophy and we look forward to sharing a number of great moments with some of the worlds innovators of beverage culture.

The Icebergs stays local inviting restaurateur and visionary Anton Forte of The Baxter Inn. Listed No. 45 on the World’s 50 Best Bars. They will channel their 1800s Boston boozer saloon in Bondi where whisky is the order of the day; if you order a cocktail with fruit, expect it juiced a la minute and right in front of you.

Coming soon

Sunday 14th October

From 4pm