Sunday 28th March
Josh Niland
Joel Amos
Cantina OK!

Restaurateur Maurice Terzini and Icebergs Dining Room and Bar present ‘An Australian Aperitivo’ on the cliff tops of the Pacific Ocean, overlooking Bondi Beach on the Icebergs Terrace this summer.

Celebrating our hospitality partners, who we recognise as some of the greats in the industry – the event is set to take guests on a journey that showcases the very best of Australian produce.

“The Wine Room team are back together bringing you an epic series of events embracing the spirit of Oz and not trying to imitate the cultural significance of an Italian Aperitivo”. – Maurice Terzini

“Evolving the Aperitivo program just felt right. We’ve each had a lot of time over the last year to reflect and focus on what is close to the heart, and for me that is the incredible produce of the Australian food and wine industry. When Maurice suggested he wanted to create an event based on celebrating this – it just felt right. It is great to be working with such a remarkable line up of Australian hospitality icons from such a diverse group and I cannot wait to see the food, drinks, and wines.” – James Hird

While there may be travel restrictions, this is a chance for people to come and celebrate the incredibly diverse hospitality talent we have in this country whilst still being in Sydney. Few locations are as breathtaking and represent Australia quite like the Icebergs Terrace.

The Aussie barbecue has been a part of our culture for a hundred years. Cooking with fire has been a part of this landscape for thousands of years. What better way to showcase the very best of Australian produce and the flavours of our land than by cooking over wood and coals atop the Pacific Ocean?

“This isn’t a “pop up”, this is an expression of what we all love about Australian hospitality. We want this to feel natural, everything is being done out on the terrace in front of you so you can have the most interaction with our guest Chefs, Sommeliers, Bartenders & all-around industry legends. It feels more like a barbecue at a dear friend’s house. Only your friend happens to live on top of the Pacific Ocean, and their family serving you happens to be some of the most incredible individuals from the restaurant industry in the world”. – Alex Prichard

Icebergs Terrace
Session Times – 2pm to 4pm or 5pm to 7pm
Tickets will be $50 pre-paid to secure your spot and taken off your final bill.
Please email or click on the reservation button below to find out more and secure your ticket.