The Icebergs Bar will be celebrating the Delicious ‘Month Out’ with a one-night exclusive event for Delicious readers, inviting you to Icebergs x Full Moon Spaghetti + Wine, the first in a series of food and wine events, the first featuring the food and wine producers from the Italian region of Lazio.

Join us in the Icebergs Bar on Tuesday 10th March for a mesmerising view of the full moon rising over the Pacific Ocean at Bondi Beach with sounds by our resident DJ.

Hosted by James Hird and Head Sommelier Gabrielle Webster.

Iggys Sourdough, Pecorino Custard, Toasted Black Pepper, Smoked Guanciale & Parsley

Rye & Caraway Sourdough, Broad Beans with Orange Wine Vinegar & Mint with Poached Globe Artichokes & Nasturtium

Spaghetti con Coda alla Vaccinara
Fresh Bellata Gold Spaghetti, Slow Cooked Picked Oxtail, Semi Dried Baby Heirloom Tomatoes & Basil

Ziti alla Arrabbiata
Fresh Bellata Gold Ziti, Rich Tomato Sugo with Fermented Chilli, Garlic, Anchovy & Parsley

La Coste

From 6pm

Sounds by our resident DJ Alice Q.