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Supporting our International Icebergs Staff.

Bread Project by Steve Sinclair
As a professionally trained chef and self-taught baker, I wanted to reach out and go a little further, using my love and passion for food to create wholesome and delicious freshly baked bread for our local community, that can be eaten and bought at any time of the day.

OH…PICKLES by Brittany Smith
OH…Pickles was developed from my memories of growing up as a kid on the East Coast of Canada. I would always stare into the cupboard under the stairs to the cellar, full of the season’s jams and pickles.

Colonnas Artisan Ravioli by Antonio Colonna
As a child growing up, I would watch and learn how to make pasta from the very best, the women of my household, my nonna, my mamma and my aunties.

Following all the Italian traditions and then working across Italy in some of the finest Italian restaurants I then bought my skills and passion to Sydney, Australia.

My handmade pasta is made with 100% Australian ingredients and made with love.

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